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Un-muddle your ideas, own your brand & eight essentials you need to do that

In the first full episode I breakdown for you how to start un-muddling all your ideas swirling around in your head, plus what I mean why I say the phrase ‘own your brand’ and how you can bring your whole self to your brand too. Why should you get brand clarity and take ownership of all parts of your brand? I’ll explain why here along with the eight essentials you need to take ownership of your brand.  

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In this episode… 

+ What it means to un-muddle your ideas, and a few quick ways to do that. 
+ A long ass explanation on all the things that the concept of ‘owning your brand’ gives you. Confidence, clarity time and a brand you love. 
+ Bringing your whole self to business and what a joyful brand feels like. 
+ The eight essential parts of the framework that you need to own your brand. 


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