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Create a standout brand that looks good, does good, feels good and pays good too.

An epic group program with 12 months of support to create a value and values-led brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

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Do you crave a brand that gives you joy, time, clarity, confidence, and money?

A brand that allows you to show up as you, or who you want to be?

A brand that gives you clarity to use your voice with confidence?

I’m going to imagine you’re like “mate, yes, help, please” and nodding away like a bobble head on a dashboard.

And I’m going to get straight to it, with a solid how-to strategy that helps you create a value and values-led brand.

I’m owning the fact that I know a heck of a lot about branding, marketing, websites and productivity.

I’ll work alongside you for 12 epic months, covering all my best stuff in eight joyful parts. 

(When I say it’s my best stuff, I MEAN it)

This is the way to work with me going forward. Everything you need to take ownership of your brand is in here.

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Yes, I’m on my bed. I like naps ok? So it works. 

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But before we go deeper (and oh, we’ll be going deep), tell me if this sounds familiar…

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It’s six-actual-AM. You bounce out of bed, despite knowing you’ve not had enough sleep. But it doesn’t matter because you’ve decided you’re going to make this work

Slice of toast (eaten standing). Coffee. Desk. You rattle through emails before the sun comes up, tick off client to-dos, put in all the hours and tell yourself you’ll un-muddle your own brand stuff when this work is done.

OK fine, maybe you’re like me and can’t be dragged out before 7.30 at the earliest. You get the vibe though. 

That work is never done, my friend. You knew when you woke up at 6am, or stayed up till 1am. So when you take some time in the evening to organise your thoughts, your mind whispers, “Don’t forget you haven’t replied to that email yet, you can figure out your website stuff when you have more time…

Then it reminds you, louder this time… “And you’ve not gotten anywhere with those branding and marketing ideas for ages now anyway, you may as well just keep doing it the way you’re doing…”

Nevertheless, you persist. Then, almost yelling, you hear… “Why are you even bothering Googling how to find and communicate your niche? You’re never going to have the same impact or stand out compared to the business owners you follow anyway…”

There. That exciting, baby burst of clarity is gone. Self-doubt creeps back in and your thoughts become cloudy again.

What do you do now?

There’s a way out of the cloudiness, confusion and comparison. 

A brand that brings you the joy, energy, time and money you crave is not off-limits.

It starts with un-muddling your ideas. 
It ends with owning the hell out of your brand. 

WELCOME… to The Joyful BrandRevolution

Do any of these sound familiar?

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You’ve got all the dreams, something amazing – but you’re not quite there yet…

It feels like you’ve done the things you’re meant to 🤷🏼‍♀️. You seem to be working all of the time. And yet, you still procrastinate when it comes to taking the steps towards the life you crave.

Asset 15

Something doesn’t feel quite right. Why? You can’t put your finger on it. 

You know you have a magic to tap into. Something that makes you different. Something you want to grow on and build, long-term. It keeps asking you to come back to it. To trust it. To stay with it.

Asset 11

“What do you do?” “I… um…. I help people to… um…” 

You feel like your message is on the tip of your tongue, that magic one-liner explaining what you do. Even if you’ve been doing this a while, you want that to feel really good when it comes out!

Asset 11

“Oh no this client also doesn’t feel like a good fit! What am I doing wrong.”

You’re finding that all you’re doing is working working working, with clients who are not dream clients at all. How much longer before I find the perfect ones!?

Asset 31

You always seem to be doing the busy work… you’re actually exhuasted. 

You never have enough time to do the things you need to do to grow your business and give you some extra flex in your schedule. Day time naps and baths where are youuuu?

Asset 15

What’s your Instagram?” “Well I don’t post on there enough but my handle is…”

You mumble, because it’s impossible to be enthusiastic about your socials when you’re not showing up how you want to on them, right babe?

Nope. Nope-ity nope. That’s not working for you anymore my friend. There’s a better way.

WELCOME… to The Joyful BrandRevolution

If I told you there was a way you could have…

    •  Ownership over your time 
    •  Ownership of your brand message 
    •  Ownership of your brand mission
    •  A brand you’re proud of
    •  A website you love linking people to
    •  A marketing plan with a higher purpose
    •  A system to make it work together

..would you feel confident about taking the next big step?

The Joyful Brand Club™ is an epic 12-month program to un-muddle your ideas, illuminate your unique brilliance, and then tell and show that to your audience with words, visuals, and content.

Giving you more…

Time – by reshaping the way you look at productivity, sharing all my Trello templates, and creating a custom plan of action to give you your hours back (and wow clients with your organisation #skills, obvs).

Clarity – by being clearer with yourself first and foremost. It’s all in there, we just need to make sense of it, with a monthly focus, drop-in meetings, extra courses, ongoing support and accountability. 

Confidence – by taking ownership of your brand. When you learn how to sell in a way that feels non-icky, prioritise people over profit, and create a more ethical, inclusive business aligned with you, confidence comes naturally.

Money – “Gah! I just want to make the money I want!” Mate, I hear you. The money will come. The money will come once you’ve been able to work out the other three – sometimes it even comes before.

JBC Mockup

Friend, you need support…

One problem with feeling stuck is that the following questions hammer your brain like relentless construction workers on your Saturday lie-in…

    •  How do I find out what makes me different? No like actually different. 
    •  What do I really want my brand to feel like?
    •  What do I really want my brand to look like?
    •  How do I create a website I love that doesn’t do my head in?
    •  How can I stand up for what I believe in, learn to see my blind spots, and build a conscious business?
    •  How do I sell in a way that removes the shame, scarcity and shadiness I see so much of in the entrepreneur/small business space?
    •  Talking of selling, who *exactly* are my people and what do they actually want to buy?
    •  How can I get in front of them, tell them what I stand for, and serve them, in a way that gives me freedom and makes me feel proud?

Another problem with feeling stuck is that nothing seems to help you when you’re feeling stuck. Nothing. Not working more hours. Not downloading more apps. And certainly not yet another programme, I hear you cry.

But I’m not going to jump into high-end British retailer mode and tell you this is not just another programme, this is a deep, joyful, twelve-month group programme to help you take ownership of your brand and attract a consistent stream of customers, it in a way that works for YOU. 

I mean, it is. But if that’s not for you, that’s completely okay. 

The eight-part course covers everything you need to take ownership of your own brand, and the community support and accountability actually helps you to do it.

I’m confident that – if you’re feeling the way we’ve been discussing – what you need is something deeper. Because…

    •  How can we feel joy when we’ve drifted from our focus?
    •  How can we un-muddle our ideas, when we’re sucked into a noisy comparison vortex and churned out with other people’s ideas and bags under our eyes?
    •  How can we avoid the tribute act and stand out with our own values, opinions, and purpose, if we continue to follow traditional business structures?

There really is no one way. I believe this with every fibre of my core!

But I can tell you that hiding, “hustling”, perfectionism, repeating out-of-date systems, saying no out of fear, and living to the ticking clock will keep you stuck in muddle mode.

I can also tell you that community, commitment, accountability, and following actual how-tos, presented to you simply and clearly so you don’t have to scour Google for answers, definitely result in you owning the hell out of your brand.

Business doesn’t always feel fun, but we’re going to make it as joyful as possible. 

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What others have to say about working with me 🧡

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OK but what do I actually get with this?

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8-part in-depth course ‘Own Your Brand’ course


Asset 28

12 months of support, community, bonus sessions + accountability


The eight-part course is broken down to guide you through each stage of the Joyful Brand Revolution…

Asset 33

FEELS good

Organise your thoughts

“Let me get clear on what I really want…”

Discover your magic

“What, exactly, am I amazing at?”

Asset 21

DOES good

Find your fans

“Who are my people and how can I serve them?”

Elevate your offers

“What, exactly, do my audience really want to buy?”

Asset 17

LOOKS good

Master your message

“How can I communicate so my audience understands?”

Maximise your content

“How do I get in front of my audience + use my voice more?”

Asset 13

PAYS good


“How do I craft branding I’m excited to share with all?”

WORK your website

How do I build a website I love and streamline my processes?”

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Alongside the course, you’ll also get…

    •  A 25-page document that we’ll fill out as we go. Once completed, you’ll have your own vision, mission, audience insights, messaging, content plans, visual branding references and more.
    •  Access to ALL my Trello templates (worth $270)
    •  The content of ALL my other courses rolled into this one. From the systems I’ve used for seven years (that personally save me 40+ hours each month) to activities that stop overthinking and inspire imperfect action.
    •  1:1 feedback via Voxer days. You’ll be able to leave messages to my work Voxer and I’ll answer as many as I can once a week, giving you personalised feedback on your sessions. 
    •  Gentle weekly accountability sessions, so you can rock up and work, asking any questions if you’re getting stuck. 

PLUS: You’ll receive BONUS sessions, depending on what level of business you’re at, broken into three groups:

  • Starting your brand strong: you’re new(ish) to creating a joyful brand, starting as you mean to go on.
  • Redefining your brand: you’re picking up momentum and learning how *exactly* to elevate your offers.
  • Scaling your brand: you’re ready to streamline your systems and ride a joyful wave of success, whatever it means to you.

We’re going deep, but don’t worry – I promise to make it simple to implement across eight joyful stages (feel free to stay in the community longer, for a small monthly fee).

But why should you trust me?

I know this stuff inside out. In the last three years of me working with clients in your position, I know that things take longer that you originally think they will, but that often makes them better. 

I know that committing to something is all well and good without the right support, but that *with* that support you can do great things. 

And I’ve been where you are.

I know that sounds simplistic, but from start to finish I have experience of running my own business, getting burnt out, deciding that wasn’t the way, and finding a better way.

Realising that not speaking up and out in the way that felt right to me, made me feel stuck.

It killed my creativity.

Not being able to be who you really are in your business drains your energy. 

Working with clients who drain your energy is no fun at all. Doing work you hate is never going to get you where you wan to be. I don’t want to build a business AT ALL COSTS. 

I want to build one that I OWN not that takes ownership of me. I am the captain of my business ship, and I want you to be yours.

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So, I’m Amanda, brand un-muddler and strategist for small business owners (hello!). I offer 1:1 branding work and THIS.

I’ll be working closely with you.  

Together, we’ll help you get clarity on your messaging and *magic* through branding, websites, productivity and marketing. 

Now, over to you…

Who are you?

take a read to see if you might be a good fit

    •  You’re a small business owner, or very soon to be one. 
    •  You’re doing what you love, but it’s not quite delivering all the things you need for a joyful life.
    •  You want to stand out in your messaging and branding, but you’re not sure you’re actually doing that yet.
    •  You feel like you’re working all the time but not making the progress you desire.
    •  You want to work with dream clients ONLY. Not just any work that’s thrown in front of you.
    •  You want to believe that you can do this without working all those hours, even if you’re not quite there yet.
    •  You want to do business your way making the change you want to see in the world.
    •  You’re committed to building an ethical, inclusive, joyful brand.
    • You’ve been looking for a way to grow your brand that puts people first and pays them what they deserve to be paid – especially women and marginalised groups.
    •  You want to show up as you, or as you want to be.
    • You’d love a brand that gives you freedom to talk about the issues you care about, without worrying someone won’t like it (FYI: some won’t, and that’s okay! The ones you lose aren’t your people). 
    • You want a gentle accountable push out of your comfort zone. Yes, it’s warm and snuggly and makes you feel like a kitten on a sunny windowsill, but nothing grows there (soz).
    •  You want to work the hours you want, so you can choose where and how you spend your time
    •  You’re looking for ways to express your lived experience, skills, beliefs, values, voice, humour…and use it all to say things other people in your industry aren’t saying. 
    • You want to choose where and how you show up. Don’t want to be sucked into socials? There are other ways. 
    • You’ve had you had your fill of the mindset work, and now you’re ready for practical, perfection-popping action.
  • And you can place yourself if one of these Growth Groups…

    Asset 33


    You’re starting your brand strong: you’re new(ish) to creating a joyful brand, starting as you mean to go on, getting your first few clients or sales, in ways that feel good.

    Asset 33


    You’re refining your brand: you’re picking up momentum or changing things up if you’ve been at it a while and learning how *exactly* to make things feel more joyful.


    Asset 33


    You’re scaling your brand: you’re ready to streamline your systems and ride a joyful wave of success, whatever it means to you. You’re wanting to do more 1:many offers.

    You’ll get bonus sessions tailored to where you’re at!

    The benefit of placing yourself in a group is that you’ll be able to learn alongside people going through similar challenges. What you need if you’re starting out vs if you’re refining or scaling is very different, so there will be tips on how to apply the course depending on your Growth Group.



    12 x Payments of

    •  My exclusive eight-part in-depth ‘Own Your Brand’ Course in my Training Hub
    •  A 25-page presentation that we’ll fill out as we go. 
    •  Access to ALL my Trello templates (worth $270) .
    •  Feedback via Voxer days. 
    •  Gentle yet tough love (if needed) weekly accountability sessions on Zoom
    •  A closed Facebook community
    •  Bonus Growth Group sessions for starting, refining and scaling 


    1 x Payment of

    •  My exclusive eight-part in-depth ‘Own Your Brand’ Course in my Training Hub
    •  A 25-page presentation that we’ll fill out as we go. 
    •  Access to ALL my Trello templates (worth $270) 
    •  Feedback via Voxer days. 
    •  Gentle yet tough love (if needed) weekly accountability sessions
    •  A closed Facebook community
    •  Bonus Growth Group sessions for starting, refining and scaling
    •  PAY IN FULL BONUS: 1:1 half day of Voxer

    Yes, it’s the same price whether you pay monthly or in full. (Well £1 more, but I think we can let that slide.)

    I don’t want to penalise anyone for taking the monthly option, but it’s important you know that this is not a membership, this is a payment plan for a group program, so once you sign up you will need to pay each payment until you have paid the full amount.  

    So if you are able to, you can get the pay in full bonus if you pay upfront. All good? Any questions let me know.

    I also have places available at a full or part scholarship and priority will be given to those who hold an underrepresented or marginalised identity. Please email the reasons you would love to join to to apply. 

    We’re currently closed for new members, but you can join the waitlist here…

    You are only signing up to the wait list, and will not be added to my mailing list. You can check out my privacy policy here

    Take the quiz to find out if it could be right for you…

    Note: I never want someone to feel pressured to buy something from me that they neither want nor need out of a fear of missing out. This quiz may help you work out if you’re in the right place with your business to make the most of The Joyful Brand Club™.

    powered by Typeform

    And I’ll say this again because this is *juicy*

    As members of The Joyful Brand Club, you’ll get EVERYTHING. All my BEST stuff. The supergroup of strategies. The crème de la crème of courses.

    Since only this offering and my 1:1 work is available, there’s no reason for me to hold back. This is THE place I will be sharing all my knowledge with you. It’ll be THE way to work with me.

    Unsure what makes you magic? We’ll figure it out.

    Need some help with your colour palette? I got you. 

    Want to market in an ethical, inclusive way? You’re in the right place.

    I know, brill right? I can’t wait.

    As part of this community, you’ll be learning the *exact* techniques I use, given the *exact* Trello boards I use, and gaining access to *everything* you need to feel confident shouting about your brand. And if that doesn’t work for you we’re going to lean in to what DOES feel good.  

    But because the ticket to success is uniqueness, you’ll have full, flexible breathing space for your personal intuition, beliefs and wisdom. 

    Own your mind, own your strategies, own your brand.

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    If you’ve come this far, it means you’re ready to go beyond just dipping a toe in the water of branding, marketing, websites and productivity. 

    It means you’re ready to take a plunge, truly commit, and change your life in the Joyful Brand Revolution.

    By now you know that staying *still* is standing between you…….. and a brand you love. 

    If you’re ready to un-muddle your ideas, grow a brand aligned with who you truly are, and use your voice for good;

    If you came here to find your fans, master your message, and maximise your content;

    If you already know you want to join like-minded business owners in creating a brand that stands out, feels good, does good, looks good, and gets you paid well;

    Then your intuition has led you here.

    Ready to join The Joyful Brand Club?

    Some more testimonials… 😍

    Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 09.32.39

    Louise Verity | Bookishly

    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 14.31.24

    Donna Ford | photography

    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 14.28.33

    EMMA cann | Coaching

    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 14.30.45

    Anna Whitaker | Toydrop

    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 14.31.05

    Charlie Bolderow | Bold As

    Answering some of your questions…

    Will this be open year round?

    The Joyful Brand Club will be available to join throughout the year, but for this first intake, we are opening this week until the 18th December. After that we will be closed until the new year. That way, you(and I) can have a nice holiday, and look forward to starting on the 4th. You will have access to the content from the 4th Jan onward, but from the 16th December you will have access to The Organise Your Life and Business Hub so that you can start putting systems in place to get organise over the winter holiday if you would like to.

    How do the accountability calls work?

    The accountability calls at first will be everyone who wants to show up to them, on Zoom, a chance to do whatever work you need to, and you can then break off into a room with me (or there might be someone else leading them sometimes) if you need to ask specific questions about the course as you’re moving through it. Then the bonus sessions will be every other month minimum with only your specific Growth Group in a closed Zoom group together. 

    Going forward as more people join we may split out the accountability groups.

    Is this a membership?

    Technically no, in that you can’t join and then decide to leave anytime, you will need to commit upfront. This is because the course is a high value which I was going to offer on it’s own for £1k+ – the additional support I’m adding in on top to get you through the work and be your accountability and cheerleader through that time. You will not get lifetime updates to the course, you will get them for the one year, but you may also download the course at the end of your time in the Club OR decide to stay on for a small monthly fee. Once you commit to the payment plan, you will need to pay each payment until the full amount is paid. 

    The support provided along with the community will give it membership vibes though!

    Any other questions? DM me or send an email to


    If you want to tune into what you want and make confident decisions based on clarity and intuition;

    If you want to try new things and do business your way (not how everyone else does it);

    If you want to earn the money you want to earn, whether that’s 20 grand a year or seven figures a year;

    You have arrived, my friend.

    The Joyful Brand Club™ is a revolution of business minds, totally owning their strengths, passions, values and brands.

    WELCOME… to The Joyful BrandRevolution