The Resource Library

Take a look through, use what you need.
Share with your business buddies if it floats your boat.

The Resource Library

Take a look through, use what you need. Share with your business buddies if it floats your boat.

‘Nail Your Brand Values in 5 Days’ Challenge

Want a simple way to start clarifying your brand message to attract your dream customer? Come to the Brand Un-Muddlers Facebook group and search for the ‘Brand Value Challenge’

Let’s start un-muddling 

Use these resources to start un-muddling your ideas for your business and brand. You can fill them out on screen and save them digitally, print them out and fill them in on just use them as a jumping off point and write the answers in a notebook or type them up.


Marketing Channel Planner

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter (do I need Twitter hmm?) oh wait, Fb groups too. And it’s not just social media, blogging, SEO, podcasting. 

Ahh, there are so many options. Choose 3 and set yourself a game plan of what to focus on. Watch the video here if you’re unsure on how to fill it out (it’s a different design now but same concept!)

Share with your business besties or share your progress using the hashtag #owningmybrand


The Heart of Your Brand.

Do this one first. This will help get to the core of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and getting everything out will help you to use what you believe in and stand for to tell your story later on. 


Customer Profile.

Add in all the details you can think of for your ideal customer, you can fill out three of these, as you can then use the problems worksheet and the customer stories to summarise your three ideal client personas. 


Customer Problems.

What is your audience most struggling? If you don’t know the answers yet, then ask your customers, send out a survey or ask for feedback from them directly. How can you help them? 


Customer Stories.

Take what you’ve uncovered in the last three worksheets to put together a summary for each of three personas, what they struggle with and how you can best help them. Extra points if you stick in on your wall afterwards.