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Create a brand that looks good, does good, feels good and pays good too.

An epic group program with 12 months of support to create a value and values-led brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

I’m owning the fact that I know a heck of a lot about branding, marketing, websites and productivity. More than I could share in one course. So… introducing the Joyful Brand Club. My new all-in-one flagship offer, which is going to be the main way to work with me going forward, so I’ll be giving you all my best stuff.

An eight-part course covering everything you need to take ownership of your brand, a monthly focus, drop-in meetings, all my Trello templates, extra courses, ongoing support and accountability. Pay up front, or 12-month payment plans (at no extra cost) also available. If you have bought a course from me which will be rolled into this program you will also be able to get a discount if you would like to join (more info on that later.)

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I know you want a business that makes you the money you desire but you don’t want to sell in a way that feels icky. You want a business that feels good and prioritises people over profit. Let me help you create the brand you’ve been dreaming of, in a way that feels expansive, aligned with who you are at your core and sprinkles plenty of joy in there too. Reopens March 2021.

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Note: I never want someone to feel pressured to buy something from me that they neither want nor need out of a fear of missing out. This quiz may help you work out if you’re in the right place with your business to make the most of The Joyful Brand Club™.

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