About me

It’s App-ee-aah-jay.
In case you were wondering.

About me

It’s App-ee-aah-jay. In case you were wondering.



That’s me there. 

Recovering perfectionist and people pleaser. 

I’m not great in front of a camera, but I could organise the hell out of your business, and create a winning brand identity for you too. 
I always thought I’d love crafting with my kids. Turns out I hate it, but love them (obvs) so I count my lucky stars that I get to do this thing I love and still spend time with them.

‘Un-muddler’ isn’t a word.

But it does flow through in all the work I do.

Whether I’m helping someone get organised, or un-muddling the vision for their brand to effectively convey their message.

I guess you could say I’m a business & brand strategist. But un-muddler sounds more fun to me. 

I’ve been running a business in some form for the past 6 years. Up until 2017, I ran a stationery business which I sold it to a lovely fellow Noths business owner. I spent 5 years learning about advertising at an out-of-home media company, and combined with a design background, and a husband in brand marketing, what I do now feels like just the sweet spot. 

My lovely customers are my inspiration, there are so many amazing creative people I get to work with and I am so grateful for that. What I really want is to help them be less stressed about everything they have to do for their business while taking care of themselves at the same time. 

Amanda x 

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I work with.

  •  Creative, brilliant people who already run a small business but are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with too much on their to-do list.
  •  People who have already built a business, audience or community but need a strategy to start monetising their passions or want to pivot their business.
  •  Passion-filled business owners who need to clarify their vision and story and apply that to their branding, marketing and website.
  •  One person bands who do all the things themselves, to small teams working together.
  •  Product or service businesses alike, from indie stationery businesses to photographers and coaches.
  •  Enthusiastic, hardworking folk who already have some ideas for a side hustle, but want to know how to get started or really nail their idea. 
  •  And brilliant small businesses of all shapes and sizes who want top-notch branding and website design.
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I talk about.

  •  Planning – getting a plan in place to pull all those ideas out of your head and get them into an ordered system to make sure you reach your goals
  •  Organisation – how to organise and integrate your life and business and the tools to help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
  •  Productivity – how to get the most out of the time and effort you put into your business, without wasting time on unnecessary tools or concepts
  •  Strategy – how to establish the best direction and prioritise your tasks to ensure your business is profitable and fits with your life.
  •  Marketing – how to nail your brand offering, find your audience, which channels to use and creating a marketing strategy.
  •  Branding – how you can really get to know your brand and convey the message to your audience consistently across your channels
  •  Website design – how to create an easy-to-navigate but beautiful website to educate and inform your audience
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