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Purpose-driven brands, wholehearted marketing & taking imperfect action

In this wonderful, nourishing and powerFULL episode I chat to my friend and business buddy Nicola Rae-Wickham. Nicola is a coach and mentor for big-hearted creatives, to help them be powerFULL and turn their purpose driven brands into real wholehearted impact. We talk about showing up as yourself, marketing that feels good, and taking imperfect action, plus much more. You don’t want to miss this gem of an episode!

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In this episode…

+ Nicola talks about her experience starting out in the industry and how she’s found her voice and how you can too
+ We chat about how not everything is a mindset issue, and there needs to be context and nuance applied in business and marketing!
+ Bringing your whole self to business and working out ways to market your brand in a way that feels intrinsically you.
+ Joyfulness in business through connection as one of Nicola’s main brand values, and fitting your business around your life.
+ Having a perfect-fit client and going deeper than demographics.
+ Streamlining business and lockdown-proofing!
+ Finally, Nicola shares her tips on showing up imperfectly.

What a wonderful, nourishing discussion 🧡

You can find Nicola over on Instagram @alifemoreinspired or over on her website and find out more about her Root + Rise membership.


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