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Just need a gentle nudge in the right direction but don’t need a whole course? The template shop is where it’s at for you.

I’ve made it super duper easy.

Stop the guesswork. Make Trello work for you to manage your life, and grow your business.


Choose which boards you need the most. Watch out for the bundles, as they contain more than one, make sure you don’t double up by mistake!


Add your products to the basket, and check out when you’re ready. Your download will be available immediately so you can get started and will be sent in an email too.


Copy your boards, watch the videos and get stuck in. You can add or take away whatever you need to create a system that will grow with you.

“Ahh these templates are life changing, I’m actually finding a way to make Trello work for me.”

Marie Evans | Fb Ads Strategist

And they’re not just templates. I’ve packed them full of helpful info and the exact automations you need to help you implement.

Get your Trello on.

Each download contains

PDF instructions with links to the boards    |    Trello intro video with tips & shortcuts   |   Video how-to for each board

Weekly Plan Trello Image

Weekly Set-up Bundle

If you buy one thing, buy this. It gives you all you need to manage day-to-day running of your life and business. A mix allowing you to maintain your business, keep track of personal tasks and create a flexible routine.

Includes: Weekly Plan board + Recurring tasks board (gold users) & Weekly Plan (free plan) Daily board, Client Board & Backend Board


Recipes Trello Image

Home & Family Bundle

This bundle includes meal planning, house organising, life admin juggling, and kid related boards to help you manage all the things you’ve been trying to sort around the house and in your personal life.

Includes: Home Cleaning, Recipes & Meal Planning, Kids Summer 2020 & the Ultimate Home & Family Board


Year Planning Image

Yearly Planning Bundle

Want to grow your business but need a plan? Yearly and quarterly planning and new product or service launches this bundle will help you organise all your ideas and plans to grow your business.

Includes: Year Planning by quarter, Planning by Terms, Quarter Planning x 4 for 2020 & New Product or Service Launch


Blog Content Board

Content Planning Bundle

This bundle includes four different planning boards to suit different needs and styles. You’ll get ideas for how to set up different content planning boards for social and beyond. Includes: Content organisation, Content Repurposing, Social Media Days 2020 & Blank Year Content Calendar


New Business Board (1)

New Business Launch Board

If you’ve not yet launched, or you’re very early stages, check in with this board to make sure you’ve covered the vital steps but aren’t worrying about the things you don’t have to think about yet! Product & service versions included.


New Product Launch

New Product or Service Board

Tired of launching new stuff and forgetting what you did each time? Suited to more established businesses, who want to put a structure in to place to enable them to launch new products and services with a plan in place and the confidence to do it!


Home Admin board

The Family & Home Board

Combining life admin, everyday tasks for the whole family and house cleaning to repeat tasks on to your own personal board if you’d like to or just work from here. Add your partner and assign tasks to each other so that you can share the workload.


Content Cal Trello Image

Social Hashtag Days of the Year 2020

If you’re anything like me and end up panic planning a special day post on the day after seeing everyone else’s posts, this board of 100 special days might be just what you need to keep on top of everything, along with some ideas and prompts for social media posts.


Recipes Trello Image

Recipe & Meal Planning Board

Make meal planning a breeze by dragging across your favourite recipes. Add the items as checklists and you can even add Butler commands to create shopping lists. Ahhhh. Comes with over 50 recipes already added to start you off.


“These templates have made organising my business (and the rest of my life) manageable and achievable. I used to get stuck in overwhelm but these templates have simplified the process immensely.”

Ingrid Fernandez | Lawyer at Dec & Dash Legal Consulting