A commitment to building an anti-racist, diverse, equitable, and inclusive business.

This statement is the first draft as of Oct 2020, one which will change as my business grows. It is based on the Reimagining Small Business Town Hall organised by Rachel Rodgers, Erica Hines, Susan Hyatt, which featured guest speakers Robert Hartwell, Sonya Renee Taylor and Nathan Barry.  

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better.”
Maya Angelo


Black lives matter; their joy, happiness, mental health, wellness, businesses and more. I can’t just say that Black lives matter though, I must show that with actions. 

I commit to keep examining the effects of white supremacy, not just in the world, but on me, my business and how I can uphold it. White supremacy is woven into the fabric of our society, whether we choose to believe we’re taking part in it or not.   

As a white woman, I have benefited from white supremacy. I have been afforded opportunities that will not have been available to all.

I commit to using my privilege to work towards dismantling racism and white supremacy and to focus on the liberation of Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Colour.

I commit to examining the ways that my own unconscious bias and racism can play out in real life, online and in-person. 

Anti-racism education

I commit to investing in anti-racism education and paying the Black educators I learn from. Currently that’s in the form of studying through Nova Reid’s Anti-Racism & White Privilege course, supporting The Great Unlearn by Rachel Cargle, and joining and participating in the Co-conspirators lounge headed up by Myisha Hill. I will review this on a quarterly basis. 

I will continue to educate myself, to unlearn my own inherent racism and biases, to find the right words, but also how to have the courage to speak up, and challenge racism head on in the moment, and on an ongoing basis.

If my business grows to hiring employees, I will invest in anti-racism and DEI training for the team. This will not be one-off annual training, but ongoing discourse around how we can lean more into our identity as an anti-racist business.

My team and community

Although I currently don’t have employees, I do work with other freelancers and contractors (my ‘team’). I also run free and paid for Facebook communities, as well as having a social media presence.

I commit to creating a culture that truly welcomes people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

I will allow open conflict and discomfort. I won’t try to hide it, delete it, or ignore it. I will acknowledge the conflict and allow space for community members to be heard and deal with the underlying issue. I will ensure my community is moderated in a way that protects marginalised groups of people.

I will choose to collaborate with those that adhere to anti-racist policies, and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion beyond a tick-box exercise.

I will encourage the white freelance members of my team to also continue to educate themselves, and pay Black educators for their books, courses or communities. 

As I grow my team, we will be aligning with hiring best practices focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This policy also extends to work with contractors and freelancers.

Investing in the Black community

As guided by the Town Hall, I will review my budget and work towards spending 30% of my company budget on hiring Black employees, vendors and contractors, using Black-owned software and services and hiring Black speakers, purchasing Black-authored books and more. This number is currently at 34%.

I commit to ensuring that my podcast is diverse, beyond tokenism to ensure the platform shares experiences from a diverse range of business owners.  

Key points

+ Black lives matter.
+ I have benefitted from white supremacy and will use my privilege to work towards the liberation of Black, Brown, Indigenous & People of Colour.
+ I will invest in my anti-racism education, and my team’s education in the future. 
+ I will create a diverse and inclusive community, allow conflict, welcome discussion, and ensure my communities are moderated to protect marginalised people.
+ I will invest in the Black community through hiring employees, contractors and more.

Need to get in touch?

As mentioned above, this document will evolve, as the work is ongoing, and never finished. If you would like to talk about anything on this page please contact me at amanda@amandaappiagyei.com