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Sometimes you just need another set of eyes on your business, a friendly voice giving you the options so you can make a decision at affordable price for those times when you can’t see the wood for the trees.

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If your mind is all in a muddle, and you just need me to help un-tangle your thoughts and give you the options, this is for you. Ask all your burning questions and get my advice over Whatsapp. You have 90 days to use up your time.

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 “I have had three coaches before some of them over 5/6 sessions and really, nothing has been more useful than that 45-minute call!

Polly Trenow| Campaigner and Policy expert 

The areas I can help with…

  •  Planning – getting a plan in place to pull all those ideas out of your head and get them into an ordered system to make sure you reach your goals
  •  Organisation – how to organise and integrate your life and business and the tools to help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
  •  Productivity – how to get the most out of the time and effort you put into your business, without wasting time on unnecessary tools or concepts
  •  Business strategy – how to establish the best direction and prioritise your tasks to ensure your business is profitable and fits with your life.
  •  Brand strategy – how you can really get to know your brand, nail your messaging and put that to your audience consistently across your channels
  •  Visual identity – logos, fonts, colours, shapes, patterns, there is so much that goes into visual branding, and omg, it’s my fave.
  •  Marketing – how to nail your brand offering, find your audience, which channels to use and creating a marketing strategy.
  •  Website design – how to create an easy-to-navigate but beautiful website to educate and delight your audience and get sales


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How that might actually look…

  •  Your brand values and what you stand for
  •  What you should do next to move your business forward 
  •  Identifying what you love doing the most and how to use those skills
  •  Defining your niche and honing in on what you really want your customers to know you for.
  •  How to clarify your message and brand to get noticed.
  •  How to make your business more profitable
  •  Setting up systems to make your business run more smoothly
  •  Changes you can make to your website
  •  A solid routine to ensure you’re not procrastinating.
  •  Changes or improvements you could make to your visual branding to attract the right audience.
  •  Or just anything you want to ask!
  •  Refunds – I would hate for you to be unhappy, so will do everything I can to make your session a success, but unfortunately, all bookings are final and cannot be refunded. You can, however, rebook your session if you can no longer make the original booking date.
  •  Rebooking – If you are no longer able to make your session, you can rebook for any available time in the next 3 months. If you rebook your session less than 24 hours prior, you may be charged. Please send an email to rearrange in this case. I’m a nice person, so it may all just be fine *thumbs up emoji.*
  •  Extra sessions – I would love you to book another session, but there may be a better option, so on the first call I will let you know if I think I could help you in another way.

Perfect for: New or established businesses or freelancers who need some help untangling their thoughts. 

It consists of: 1 x 60 minute Zoom call

You’ll leave with: A renewed energy, with clarity on the next steps you need to take in your business.  

Investment: £250 

* prices are listed in British Pounds and US Dollars. US dollar prices are a guide only.

Thanks again so much. Was really worthwhile to chat it through and get your input. You reinforced my existing ideas, gave me some brilliant new ones, and generally helped refine my thinking. And I loved your impartiality too. So many coaches I’ve seen make it look like they have the answer, but your approach of “let’s find the answer together” was much more what I needed.

Ross Wintle

Freelance technology, code and consultancy

On both occasions that we have met Amanda has successfully turned all my thoughts and ramblings into useful checklists for me to work towards in launching my business. Along with a gentle push in the right direction, a whole lot of encouragement and a handful of amazing online tools to support me along the way.

I honestly wouldn’t have got to where I am now without her.

Alisha Robinson


I came away with lots of useful tips and advice on how to grow my business after spending just a short time with Amanda. She really is on the ball when it comes to business! She has given me advice on all sorts of aspects of marketing, social media, websites, and how to connect with my customers.

She’s also is amazingly positive and really motivational. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who’s running a business, whether already established, or just starting out.

Michelle Lancaster

Wink Design

I came to the strategy session with Amanda with a head full of ideas but a complete lack of direction. Thanks to her energy, input and experience, I left with a clear plan of action and all the tools I needed to make it happen. Having someone like Amanda to bounce your ideas off of is absolutely priceless.

Frankie Tortora

Graphic Designer & DIFTKs Founder

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