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The benefits of brand building and how it brings in more sales and money

So much to do, so little time! These seven things might be holding you back from getting the things done that you realllly want to get done. You might feel like you never have enough time, or even if you do you’re not moving at quite the speed you’d like to. Take a listen and see which ones trip you up and learn how to fix them. 

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In this episode…

+ How brand marketing strategy, un-muddling your ideas and taking ownership of your brand helps you to make more money and sales. 

+ The benefits for short-term and long-term of committing to building your brand. 

+ I have learned lots about ethical marketing from Maggie at Small Business Boss and I would really recommend you take a look at her work. 

I also talk about The Joyful Brand Club, which might be right for you if you want to build a standout brand. 

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