Trello for Teams – Tips to Get Super Organised

May 23, 2020 | Organisation

If you’re looking for some Trello for teams tips, you’ve come to the right place.

Having a group of people who know what their roles are on any given project is great.

Having a group of people know exactly what their roles are and when they should perform them to complete a chain of tasks is even greater.

Trello has the capacity to allow teams to work together without anyone jumping ahead with their portion of a task or worrying about letting anyone down. By using its wide array of functions, you can keep everyone in the loop with a project and be super-efficient by creating project workflows that work in precisely the way you need them to. You can collaborate, use systems to break down projects and focus on the bigger picture all at the same time.

Particularly strong for those of us who work remotely and manage teams, Trello allows you to build and sustain team working from wherever your office is in the world.

It breaks down silos and supports personal strengths with its wide range of power-ups – such as Slack and Google Drive – to create a centralised hub to manage your workforce, project and team.

Personally, I love using Trello with my team. I have set up notifications that let me know when it’s time for me to carry out my part of a project – such as proof read, edit or contribute something – and these save me time when that “hmmm – I wonder if Natalia’s done xyz… I’ll just log on and check…” thought pop ups – I know I don’t need to check because Butler (one of my fave add ons) will have sent me an email to tell me that her workflow is complete.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be, promise.

Here are my top tips for getting started with using Trello for teams.

First you’ll want to set up a team if you’re using the paid for business version, or if you’re using the free version, then you can have personal boards and invite people on a board-by-board basis.

1. Have a List on the left with instructions on how you’ll use the board.

If you’re setting up, and people don’t know how to use, you can record a Loom video and add the link to a Card. This then forms a point of reference that is always visible to anyone who is added to the team. If you add a new process, it gets added to a new Card. You can attach screenshots and voice notes, too, for members to learn new processes.

2. You can add standard processes as Checklists.

If you have an agreed process, you can add this to the start of your board and then copy it for other cards. I use these processes a lot for my content creation editing and checking; as the system is always the same so it just saves me time by creating a standardised checklist that is always used when I proofread something for publishing. It helps my team members know what the expectations of tasks are, too, without constantly having to scroll back through their Inbox to find an initial email or project plan.

3. Email your team board

SHOW MENU > …MORE > Email-to-board Settings

Then grab the email address there and add it to your contacts. That means you can forward emails straight to the board! Seriously, it’s brill!

4. Use stickers & labels

Stickers are a great way to identify actions that need to be taken on cards. Visual clues are great for highlighting a change or drawing someone’s attention to an alert that concerns them. They’re also quite fun and allow you to inject some of your / your brand’s personality into your teamwork, which is always nice. To find stickers, click on SHOW MENU > Stickers.

For labels, you can make these whatever you need to, but it makes sense to use ones that group the type of work you need to do, like ‘design’ ‘writing’ ‘contact’ etc, OR you could use them to show what stage a project is at.

5. Get on board with Butler

Butler is the automation tool for Trello. It will take your Trello from pretty cool, to AMAZING. There are lots of things you can use Butler for, but my fave for teams is adding a command to say ‘when {this checklist item} is complete, send {this person} and email to let them know. There are so many ways you can use it, like I do on my blog content board.

Have you used Trello with your team yet?

If you fancy a template that’s already set up to help you to do just this, click right here, folks. All of my templates come with a handy video that walks you through how to get everything set up and then voila! Team work just got a whole lot smarter.

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