5 Things I Learned About Business and Life in 2022

Jan 31, 2023 | Musings

2022 was a big year for me.

It was the year I had my third baby. A delightful bundle of joy, who wowed and surprised us at every turn.

My word of the year was ‘wholeness’ and I wanted to be able to spend time nurturing and caring for my family.

Thing 1: Rest is essential

Early in the year I decided that this time round I was going to take off a good chunk of maternity leave with baby. With my last baby, I had my stationery business, and even though I loved it and wanted to carry on it’s success, I put too much weight into making that a success and my mental health suffered. I was back packing orders with a 5-day old baby sleeping in the Moses basket next to me.

This time round I said, ‘nope’ and put it out into the world that I would take off 6 months minimum (it ended up being more.)

I know this is a luxury for many, and consider myself very privileged to have been able to take that time off. It did wonders for my mental health and enthusiasm for my business.

Thing 2: Brand building WORKS over the long-term

Something I’m really proud of is that I had a fabulous client, who I’ve worked with several times before, checking in and asking when I was coming back from mat leave because she had a project she needed me on and was willing to wait. I’ve known this client for years, and then when I came back I got to create a wonderful brand identity and website for them.

You can check out their project here: The Psychology Co-operative

Working hard on my business, being consistent, WORKS. I had clients waiting for me when I came back.

Thing 3: You are not your business.

I know some people really believe it is, and that’s ok. But for me PERSONALLY, I am NOT my business. My business supports me to live the life I want to live.

My business is not my baby. My babies are my babies, and ultimately my family comes first.

I am separate to my business, and for the first time I really believed that. It was what enabled me to truly disconnect, not because I don’t love my business, I do, but because I could see how time looking after our new addition to the family was more important to me. I wasn’t looking for validation through social media posts, because I already felt worthy, worthy of time, rest and taking space.

Thing 4: Creativity needs breathing room

Thing 5:

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