Vision & Strategy Session

If your head is all in a muddle, well you come on over, this session will help to untangle the thoughts in your head and set you up with your next action points.

You have the ideas, but they’re not lining up. If only they’d follow the British queueing rules.

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Nail Your Idea.

You have a couple of ideas but you’re just not sure which one to go for, what most fits your personality or even if it’s a profitable idea in the first place.

I’ll help get into the nitty gritty with you, going through your ideas, your strengths and weaknesses, and will leave you with a solid plan of where to go next with your business idea. Over the two calls, I’ll ask you questions to get you really thinking about what you want from a business.

I won’t tell you what to do or which options you should go for, but I will help you work out which ideas could be profitable and sustainable in the long-term and finish a simple business plan to communicate and clarify your idea.

Perfect for: Starting out, if you’re just getting started, or haven’t decided on your business idea yet.

It consists of: 2 x 1 hour online or 1 x 2-hour session online or in person in Central London.

You’ll leave with: A clear plan and vision, some ideas for your branding, tone of voice, and next steps, along with a simple business plan and notes written up and sent after the session. 

Some topics we could cover…

  •  Where your passion really lies
  •  Skills you didn’t even realise you had!
  •  Whether one idea is more profitable than another
  •  Your brand values and what you stand for
  •  Whether an idea will fit in with your life
  •  What you should do next to move your business idea forward



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Plan Your Next Steps.

Going through a period of change? Things not working quite how you’d like them to? I can help you figure out what to do next, un-jumble your thoughts, get clear on your vision for the future and leave you with a plan to put it into action.

I bet you have the ideas inside your head already, but you need someone to help make sense of them.

After a strategy session, you’ll be feeling a lot clearer about where you’re headed with your business and what you need to do over the next few months to start taking action to make those things happen! 

Perfect for: Established small businesses, running for 12 months plus but at a time of change or needing to pivot.

It consists of: 2 x 1 hour online or 1 x 2-hour session online or in person in Central London.

You’ll leave with: A clear plan and vision for the next quarter, with some ideas to tighten up your brand and messaging, along with your next action steps written up and sent to you after the session. 

Some topics we could cover…

  •  Your brand values and why it is you’re doing what you’re doing.
  •  What you really want your customers to know you for.
  •  How to clarify your message and brand to get noticed. 
  •  How to monetise a growing audience
  •  How to make your business more profitable
  •  Changes you can make to your website 
  •  A marketing plan to get in front of your audience
  •  A solid routine to ensure you’re not procrastinating.


2-hour In-person Session   |  Central London  |  £250   

Ready? Book in here or get in touch.

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Alisha Robinson


Vision & Strategy Sessions

“On both occasions that we have met Amanda has successfully turned all my thoughts and ramblings into useful checklists for me to work towards in launching my business. Along with a gentle push in the right direction, a whole lot of encouragement and a handful of amazing online tools to support me along the way. I honestly wouldn’t have got to where I am now without her.”