Organise Your Life & Business Group Program


Do you want to set up a system to wow your clients, get in control of your to-do list, manage family life & free up time to focus on what’s important to you?

Obvs 😉


You’ve got work coming in.

On the outside things look great. 

But underneath the proverbial water your legs are kicking around trying to keep you afloat.

It’s stopping you from playing big and growing your business. You know it’s time to up-level your systems.

I get asked questions like this all the time…

✋ How have you set up your Trello like that?

✋ Is Trello right for me too, or should I try Asana?

✋ How are you so organised? (Babes, because I forget everything so have to be!) 

✋ How do you find the time to do so much?

✋ How do you get your tools to work together? 

I’ve found a set-up that works for me.
Let’s find one that works for you.

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Just dream for a second

What it would be like if you could streamline your business, stop worrying about dropping balls, impress your clients and save time to grow your business, earn more, and do more of what you love!? It’d feel pretty good right?

Everyone’s plan will be different, and I’ll create your plan based on what is going to give you the most time back but that might look like setting up… 

🤜 an internal system to manage your business to-do lists 

🤜 a way to get a handle on the personal admin that is taking over your life!

🤜 organising your product development processes from start to finish

🤜 goal-setting, quarter and year-planning systems that are easy for you to maintain

🤜 automating your client on-boarding so that you’re not faffing around with contracts & invoices 

🤜 setting up a system to automate scheduling calls and getting the info you need from clients

🤜 a system to maximise your content in various ways and for multiple platforms

🤜 a client facing tool so that they know exactly what to expect when working with you


But, so many options. What if you spend ages learning a new tool only for it to be missing an essential. Blah. So let’s do things differently. 

This program isn’t one size fits all, it includes a custom plan of action just for you, to get things running smoothly, with dedicated time set aside over 6 weeks to get your plan completed in time. We’ll start with a one-to-one 30 minute call where I’ll ask you about your goals and vision of a more organised, productive you, as well as your business needs. 

You’ll get a one-off customised plan from me with my recommendation for tools to work together to get your systems set in place, as well as your task for each week. 

You’ll get access to a library full of videos on how to set up your tools in case you get stuck, taking you through ways to manage your personal life and admin, maintaining your business and growing your business. You’ll get access to all the Trello templates I have for sale in the Trello template shop too.

Now you’d be able to get everything finished with this alone…

BUT if you’re anything like me, then you’ll have a host of programs or courses you’ve signed up for and not completed. But getting this stuff finished is much easier with a little accountability, and some troubleshooting so you don’t get stuck, which is where the co-working Zoom sessions come in. 

You’ll be welcomed onto the live call by me, then everyone will be muted and you get to work on your action plan for that week. If you get stuck, all you need to do is ‘raise your hand’ in Zoom and I’ll jump on with you to troubleshoot, meaning you get expert eyes on your problem without getting stuck and not being able to finish. 

My lovely VA Natalia from Clear Desk VA will also be on hand during the calls to help you in case you get stuck, so that if more than one of you needs help, you won’t have to wait too long. I know it’s brill right?

I’m excited. 


★ 30-minute 1:1 call.
★ Custom action plan with with my recommendation for you.
★ 6 manageable tasks to complete, 1 each week.
★ Training portal of quick snappy videos.
★ All the Trello templates you could need.
★ 6 x troubleshooting co-working sessions on Zoom.
Job done.

I save myself 40+ hours each month by having things run on auto. 

10+ hours – saved in no procrastination time by organising my to-do lists to know what I need to do next in business and LIFE.
10+ hours – saved by setting up an invoicing and contract system to automatically send invoices, contracts, and payment reminders to clients. 
5+ hours – saved in setting up client & project management systems that mean my clients need to ask me fewer questions about what’s coming next. 
5+ hours – saved in setting up a content management system to reuse existing content
5+ hours – saved in getting my website updated with all the information my clients need. 
5+ hours – saved in miscellaneous links from one thing to another, for example Calendar to Trello, Typeform to my website and payment systems etc. 

You’ll be surprised just how much time you can actually save! 


Amanda Appiagyei Pink Turtleneck Working Square

“Working to Amanda’s system has helped me become more organised than I’ve ever been!.”

Michelle Lancaster | Wink Design | Illustrator, Business Owner & Previous Course Taker

I’ve found a set-up that works for me.
Let’s find one that works for you.

** Enrolment is currently closed **


Yellow Squiggle

Full payment

Pink Squiggle

Payment plan
2 x £155

(1 now, 1 a month later)

Green Squiggle

Payment plan
3 x £110

(1 now, one on the 4th November, one on the 4th December)

Enrolment ends








 “Amanda took all of my to-do lists, ideas and tasks and made sense of it all. I’d thoroughly recommend you spend some time with her.”

Emma Svanberg | Mumologist | Clinical Psychologist, Previous 1:1 Client and Workshop Guest 

The details.

  •  A 30-minute 1:1 call with me to kick off. 
  •  A customised action plan from me with goals for each of the 6 weeks to get your plan finished. 
  •  A library full of videos on how to set up the systems you may need, including Trello, Asana, Dubsado, Zapier, Evernote, Google Calendar and more. 
  •  6 x Weekly 1-hour co-working sessions on Zoom to set aside time to complete your task that week and ask for troubleshooting help if you get stuck with anything. No more getting stuck and not getting finished. 
  •  Q&A’s and feedback sessions
  •  Accountability from me to help you complete your customised plan. 



6 weeks from the 4th November – 14th December, the 1 hour co-working Zoom sessions will be every Monday morning, starting on the 4th. 

1:1 30-minute initial calls from the w/c 14th Oct & w/c 28th Oct
Your customised action plan will be sent through to your prior to the 4th November start date.

Full payment: £295

Payment Plan: 2 x £155 (1 now, 1 a month later)

Payment Plan: 3 x £110 (1 now, one on the 4th November, one on the 4th December)

There may be costs outside of this for the tools I suggest you use, at the most this would be $35 a month for Dubsado. Many of the tools I suggest you can use the free version for though. 



It’s right for you if…

  •  You’re getting more business but are worried that you’re missing things. 
  •  You’re ready to dedicate time to getting more organised and productive. A little extra time up front, to save time later on.
  •  You’re a small business owner, freelancer, company of one, company of one with a few employees, in any industry. 

But it’s not right if…

  •  You’re just starting out
  •  You already have a strong system in place 
  •  You don’t want to dedicate time to get the right systems set up 
  •  You’re managing just fine without a system in place 



*INSTANT ACCESS* Get instant access to Kickstart Your Productivity, a brand new mini-course, helping you to focus and find more time in your day. When you’re overwhelmed, it’s hard to get out of your head and get things ticked off your list, use this 4-step system time and time again. 

6 weeks to set up your systems with me!


30-min 1:1 call

noun_write letter_2751375

recommended action plan


6 tasks – 1 for each week

noun_Online Question_2751362

online training portal

noun_online meeting_1029565

6 x co-work Zoom calls

** Enrolment is currently closed **

“I beg you, make time for Amanda Appiagyei’s Organise Your Life & Business course.”

Sarah Jane Whittaker | Mojo & the Maker | Business Owner & Previous Course Taker


I can’t do Monday mornings for the Zoom sessions, does that matter? 
While it would be great to have you on there, this is really extra to the rest of the content, everything you need will be there for you in the online portal, and in your customised plan, so as long as we have our call at the beginning, you will still be able to get everything completed, as you’ll still get the custom plan that you can work through. There will also be Q&A’s videos, so if you do have a question you can send it to me for those videos. 

Will I need to pay for any digital tools?
I tend to use the free versions of everything, apart from Gold Trello which is $5 a month, and Dubsado, which is $35 a month. I’ll only suggest tools in line with your budget though, so you may find you don’t need anything else. 

How long will I have access to the content? 
You get lifetime access woohoo! So no stress if you don’t get finished in the 6 weeks. 

Can I really get it done in 6 weeks?

If you can commit to all the Zoom co-working sessions and put that time aside, then I’m confident you can at the very least get a workable system set up, it might not have everything you need, and you might build it out later, or with extra time in the week, but we can get a system working for you in that time. 


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