Stop confusing your audience and make it easier for them to buy from you

It doesn’t matter how clear it is in your head, if your audience can’t understand what you can do for them, you’re going to lose their interest. You don’t want that.

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Introducing the…

Clarify Your Brand Framework

Helping you see the woods through the trees. A fun, fast-action framework to give you and your audience clarity, fast, so that you can feel more confident in what you’re selling and bring in the sales.

Do you find yourself thinking…

  •  why do people ask how they can work with me, it seems clear to me! 
  •  what words should I actually use to show them what I offer?
  •  how can I get them to actually sign up?
  •  what part of my brand should I work on next, it feels like there’s so much to cover! I’m confused.
  •  what am I missing, it seems clear to me!?

Often our brand seems clear to us, but not to our audience. 

I know how it feels to want someone to just come in and sort out your brand out for you.

You just want someone to tell you what’s not working, why it doesn’t seem to be having the impact you want or how to sharpen things up to really start owning your space in the business world. So that you have clients or customers coming to you, seeking you out.

I can help with that, you could say it’s my speciality. I work 1:1 with lots of clients to help them get clarity on their brand, but even better, I can teach you, how to see those gaps for yourself.

Less faffing and worrying about what others are doing and less questioning yourself – sounds good right? Eyes on your own paper babe. It’s so much harder to compare yourself when you have a bunch of action tasks to be getting on with. 

Maybe something feels like it’s missing, or you know you could be communicating more clearly but you’re not quite sure what that looks like. Those brand puzzle pieces are wrong way up, a few on the floor, maybe some are missing completely.

This 7-Part Framework will enable you to review all the key areas of your brand and give tangible actions to work on making it clearer in your own mind, and clearer to your audience too. 

It’s going to give you the kind of clarity of thought you need to make adjustments to your brand without wasting time on things that don’t matter. 

When I ran this framework as a 3-day challenge the feedback was incredible…


  • The first exercise has given me a great push to start being more visible and really OWN it.”
  • “Just finished watching the video from today, really thought-provoking exercise without it feeling too heavy for a Monday evening!”
  • “Thanks, Amanda I’ve got so much clearer on every area that we’ve looked at. I even had a light bulb moment whilst driving in the car earlier about my audience and where to find them.”
Screenshot 2020-07-23 23.45.32
Screenshot 2020-07-23 23.45.32

We’re going for quick wins to make changes fast. Meaning you’ll feel the results straight away, giving you the confidence to keep showing up.

“I cannot believe the clarity I feel after one call!” said a client of mine Rosina Smith after our call. 

Some people have felt different after just 30 minutes of doing activities with me like the ones we’ll be doing in the Clarify Your Brand Framework.

This isn’t a ‘follow this in chronological order, and you’ll have a whole new brand strategy mapped out type thing’ but this is an ‘I need some clarity for me and my audience, help me do that, and help me do it quickly’ type thing. You’ll be able to cycle through it more than once as your business grows, it’s something you’ll be able to go through time and time again and keep improving how you show up as authentically you in business, whilst connecting with your audience and making more of that green stuff. Ok, looks like actual cash is on the way out, but that’s a whole other convo. 

It’s going to help you Clarify Your Brand and make fast changes in your business, so that you feel more confident showing up and talking to your audience.

One of the ways we keep ourselves from moving forward is thinking we have to do ALL the things before making changes, but I want to show you that small changes can have an impact too. It’s also mad fun.

Get instant access to…

+ 8 x videos including the 7 brand areas
+ 35 x activities you can do to get clarity for you or your audience across your business and brand
+ Worksheets to accompany the videos

Brand clarity can feel really intangible, how do you work out if you’re moving forward? So I worked out this framework to help measure where you are and give yourself a brand clarity score, then work out your priorities from there. A flexible system that you can use to measure brand clarity and cycle through it time and time again to improve your brand. 

You don’t have to follow this in a linear order, we’re going to work out what is going to be the best place to start, it could be anywhere on the framework, and then make changes in those areas to get some quick wins. 


Me at Desktop Pink Top Plant Tea Productivity (1)

It’s like a course, but not a course, because you’ll do it in the order that works for you right now.

You only need to watch the first video, and then you can dive into the most important section for you focus on, meaning you don’t have to watch through content that isn’t relevant to you right now. 

Un-muddle your brand so it MAKES MORE SENSE for you and your audience. 

Only $47 until Monday 30th midnight GMT (usually $97)

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 14.04.23

You just can’t get clarity for your audience before you have clarity yourself.

It’s massively underrated, but also feels a bit too… deep. The trouble is what happens is we then shy away from getting true brand clarity so we instead decide to focus on tactics, instead of strategy. The doing, like posting 2 times a day on Instagram, or writing a blog post a week, or redoing our bio without really knowing who we want to speak to. 

Those are our communication channels. They are where we show up with our brand, but they don’t define our brand. 

Our brand is what people say about us when we’re not in the room, and we can help make sure that they say what we would love them to, but looking at these seven key areas and then applying what we learn about our brand across our communication channels.

It’s a simple, but powerful framework.
It helps you to stop just thinking and start taking imperfect action, now. 

What’s included?

8 x Content videos in hub

35 x Activities to implement

25-page workbook

Brand clarity means you’re not always chasing ‘the sale.’ 
Less push > more gentle pulling your audience in to hear what you have to say. 




We’re going to review where you currently are, find those missing pieces of your brand clarity puzzle and get your brand clarity score to give us a strong starting point.



We’ll be getting clear on your vision, mission and purpose, and work out how to incorporate that into your message. 



Here the main question we’ll be figuring out is ‘Do I know what makes me and my business unique?’



We’ll work out if you know what your audience need from you, and how to find out more so that we can better serve them. 



Are you using the right words to connect with your audience? Let’s find some better ones. Let’s find the ones that are more you. 



Are you products and services pitched properly, do they include what they need to, how can we make them better?



So after all that, is your content showing that this is what you offer, is it establishing you as the pro in your specialism?



Finally we’ll work on improving your visuals so that people instantly know that you’re an expert. 

Why should you listen to me?

I’m on a mission to help business owners to build a brand that feels good, does good, looks good and pays good too. I want to show thousands of individuals there’s more than one way to build a business and you can do that in a way that brings you joy, puts people above profit, pays you well and makes an impact.

I don’t think we have to compromise. 

I’m Amanda and I help spirited entrepreneurs & business owners to un-muddle ideas, and take ownership of their brand so that they can create a brand that feels more joyful. 

My 1:1 branding schedule gets booked out several months in advance, and I make my living helping clients to create the brands that they’ve been dreaming of. 

I’ve swirled my experience together to come up with unique solutions and services to help business owners to get clarity and make sure they show up in their brand in a way that suits them. 

I have a design background, with a past corporate career as an account manager for an outdoor advertising company, pitching to agencies and clients. I wing a lot of stuff in life, but always come through for my clients.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, Mum of two and live in London with a bunch of houseplants 🌱 that are barely hanging on.




Will this include visual branding?

Sort of but not in a classic sense. This will show you how to create a very simple logo if you don’t have one but we will also be looking at ways to improve your visual branding across the board. 

How much time will I need?

That’s really up to you. As this isn’t a course which you need to follow in a linear fashion, you may spend an hour watching videos, then a few hours implementing, then come back to it and few weeks later. There are shorter and longer tasks, so it really depends how much time you want to spend on it.  

I’ve recently had my visual rebranding sorted, is this still for me?

Absolutely it is, as we look into your brand strategy we’ll bear in mind all the work you put in to create a visual look for your brand. If need be, you might want to tweak things here and there, but you will probably find that the work we do solidifies your branding, making it even stronger. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?

Not if you change your mind no, sorry about that, (unless you’re within your cooling off period as per the law.)

Make it easier for your audience to buy from you.
You in?