Build Your Brand


You want to attract your dream clients, but your brand is confusing your customers.

Let’s put an end to that.

Together we’ll create a strong brand strategy to help you connect with your perfect customer and make more money. 

But what IS brand strategy? 

In 6 weeks you’ll have a brand to be proud of.

No more guesswork.

If you’re tired of chucking stuff out into the world to see what lands, come join us. 

You don’t have to do it on your own.


You’re the expert on your brand. You’ve got the ideas in your head, but you can’t seem to line them up, right?

Over 6 weeks we’ll get clear on your vision, learn about your audience, position your brand and make sure you know how to communicate your message confidently and effectively. I’m actually so excited for you. This stuff changes businesses. 

We’ll be teasing the information out of you to form a clear picture on who you serve and how you serve them, not just the exact specifics of your product, but the very essence of your audience, product offering and the reasons your customers should believe you can fulfil you promises.

Then we’ll work on your brand values, and key messages to make sure you are communicating with your customer in the most effective way. Then we’ll be applying that to your copy and taglines and finding your tone of voice to make sure every communication you put out there, whether that be your website copy, your email newsletter or your Instagram posts nurtures and grows your customer and fan base. 

Finally we’ll pull that together in a presentation to make sure you can glance at your guide and know exactly how to OWN. YOUR. BRAND <— OK fine, I didn’t need the caps and full stops.  


The details.

  •  6 x Weekly videos with all the information you need on the subject we’re covering that week.
  •  A private portal filled with the video recordings from each week, and all the worksheets and additional materials you will need
  •  A private closed support community just for members of this program.
  •  Weekly Q&A’s and feedback sessions
  •  Worksheets to help un-muddle your ideas and get clarity on the task
  •  Templates to fill in to create a full presentation deck on your brand strategy to take away with you
  •  Accountability from me to help you complete it. Gently nudging and motivating, you do you, so if you need to take a bit longer, that’s cool.



6 weeks starting from the 15th July

Early bird price: £175

Full price: £210

Payment plan early bird: 2 x payments of £97, one now, one due a month from purchase date

Early bird ends Friday 5th July then the price goes up to £210 full payment or 2 x payments of £129


It’s right for you if…

  •  something isn’t feeling quite right with your brand
  •  you’re a small business owner or freelancer
  •  you’re not quite sure what you brand is, or will be yet
  •  you want to get super clear on your brand and the way your audience experience it 

But it’s not right if…

  •  you already have a strong brand strategy in place
  •  you don’t think a brand strategy is important to your business 
  •  you want quick answers, we’re gonna do small steps, but dive deep!




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Proof that we’re actually rather good at this, phew!

Michelle Lancaster | Wink Design

Amanda and Mike make a formidable team! Their down to earth approach, along with their depth of knowledge and expertise really helped me to focus on what was important about my brand. The time we spent allowed me to think really clearly about what I offer and how I communicate to my customers, and the practical work we did together then gave me a plan of action which will allow me to construct a more consistent brand strategy to take my business forward. They are great at understanding the issues facing small businesses, and their workshop was so relevant to the stage I’m currently at with my business. I can’t wait to get started on the ideas we came up with! I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to any small business. The information I came away with will be massively valuable to my business, moving forward. 

Brand Strategy Workshop


“On both occasions that we have met Amanda has successfully turned all my thoughts and ramblings into useful checklists for me to work towards in launching my business. Along with a gentle push in the right direction, a whole lot of encouragement and a handful of amazing online tools to support me along the way. I honestly wouldn’t have got to where I am now without her.”

Vision & Strategy Sessions

Louise Verity | Bookishly

Mike and Amanda are such a great team! The Brand Strategy Workshop helped me gain some real clarity about my brand and also a specific product range that I was working on at the time. It really helped me to place it within my brand and within the market. The exercises are designed to prompt you to think about your own principles and goals, which alongside inspiration and insight from Amanda and Mike makes for a really productive and valuable day.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Devinia Malcom | The Diet Boycott

“Working with Amanda has been amazing. Amanda is positive, has lots of energy and has such great ideas. She is definitely an un-muddling as I came with a few ideas and she really helped me define my business plan. We first worked on nailing my business plan idea. Amanda knew exactly what questions to ask to help me clarify my idea. She also works magic with your vision and really helps you to think about the subtle details of your branding. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with launching their business.”

Brand Strategy Sessions

My husband Michael, and I, have created this program together, so I’m going to tell you a bit about him. 

Brings to the table: Biscuits. That is true, but also, he brings a big brand perspective to the small business world, he’s worked with some amazing brands with huge budgets, so we take his knowledge and combine it with my experience of running a product business, and now a service business to give you best of both. Like the bread.

He’s worked for: Playstation, The Guardian, Sky, 10 years + experience

He hates it when: I’m late and totally disorganised (planning workshop material in the car ya know) 

He loves: Us, obvs, but also, he is a total genius at coming up with creative ideas and bringing together a brand positioning. He makes connections that no one else does, and loves doing it.  

You can’t afford to have a confusing brand

Don’t lose potential customers by bamboozling them. Isn’t bamboozle a great word! 

The Breakdown

This is how we’ll move through from start to finish, so that you know exactly what’s coming next. 

WK 01

Visions for the future.

Your dreams, your biggest hopes. We’re going to dream big, but start small. We’ll get clear on what you dream for your brand, and then define and hone your purpose, your vision, and your mission. 

WK 02

Your audience & product.

We’re going to get clear on who they are, what their problem is, what their fears are and how your product or service can get them through this and make their life easier. We want to get them from island A to island B, so we’re going to work out how. 

WK 03

Positioning statement.

Perhaps the trickiest but also the most fun part (I think at least) – Michael will be joining a session this week to help explain the exact stepse use every time to get to a positioning statement. It’s a magic combination, and it’s where you really start to see your brand coming togehter.  

WK 04

Brand promise & values

We’re going to take what we’ve been able to put together as our positioning statement, our audience insights, our product offering and make some promises for our customers. What will we offer them to fulfil their need and alleviate their fears. 

WK 05

Key messages & comms. 

We’ll pull out the key messages that we’ve uncovered and start putting together those snippets of text along with key words to make writing copy easier for us. We’ll also look at how your visual branding could be tweaked to fit with your new strategy. If you need a tagline, we’ll work it out now!

WK 06

Let’s put it all together.

We’ll take what we’ve put together in the last few weeks and create a final brand strategy presentation so that you always know exactly how to communicate with your customers. Print it and keep it on your desk to flick through any time.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is! Check the investment details above

How much work is it? It's school hols you know

I know, I know. I was just too excited to get this out to you guys.
But you only need a few hours a week. The call will be an hour long, then you will need to do an or so work and post in the group.

You could also of course catch up at a later date, the content will be there waiting, as will the group.

Can i buy now and save it for later?

Sure thang, you don’t have to do it now, you can catch up any time and still post your progress in the group. 

I've recently redone my visual branding, is it relevant still?

Absolutely it is, as we look into your brand strategy we’ll bear in mind all the work you put in to create a visual look for your brand. If need be, you might want to tweak things here and there, but you will probably find that the work we do solidifies your branding, making it even stronger. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the program.

No, sorry about that, all sales are final.

But of course, I would hate for you to be disappointed (I don’t think you will be) but if you have any issues, please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll sort it out.

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